Build a Better Bezel

BezelsBase stitch: Right Angle Weave

You bought a Lunasoft cab, etched metal disc, fused glass cab, or polymer clay cab, but how do you turn it into a pendant? Learn a new, quick bezel technique using adorable, two-holed Super8 beads.

This technique can easily be adjusted to work with several sizes and shapes of components. Add a scalloped bail and maybe some loops or fringe, and you’ll be wearing your new pendant in no time!


Tutorials (Digital Download)

The 30+ page tutorial has:

  • Step-by-step instructions with color photographs are included for:
    • stitching a bezel for a 24mm Lunasoft cabochon
    • adding a bail
    • adding earring wires
    • linking components together (for a bracelet)
    • adding four different kinds of embellishments
  • Blueprints for how to stitch:
    • every size and shape of Lunasoft cabochon
    • a few metal discs and a metal dome
    • a few other types of components (gemstone, fused glass, and polymer clay)
  • An adaptation and troubleshooting section to help you succeed with any component you’d like to bezel
    (You can always contact Traci with any questions or suggestions on how to get started)


After you complete your order, you’ll be given a link for downloading a PDF of your tutorial. If you need a printed version, e-mail for pricing.


PDF Tutorial (digital download)



There are two types of kits available: regular and mini.  All kits include Super8s, 15/0 seed beads, 8/0 seed beads, Fireline, and a needle.  The kits have enough beads to embellish your bezel as shown in the colorway examples below.  Regular kits include a 24mm Lunasoft cab or 24mm rose quartz disc as shown below.  Mini kits do not include a component.  They include all the beads to fit a component as large as 40mm.

The kit includes a link for the PDF of the tutorial, so you do not have to purchase the tutorial separately. If you need a printed tutorial, e-mail for pricing.


Kit colorways:

Lunasoft Green
Peach Bezel
Lunasoft Peach/Brown/Pink
Blue Bezel
Lunasoft Blue/Purple








Black Bezel
Lunasoft Black/Silver
Rose Quartz Bezel
24mm Rose Quartz disc from Free Spirit Crystals









Lunasoft Kit
$23   (Shipping: $3.50)

Color :


Rose Quartz Kit
$20   (Shipping: $3.50)


Mini Kit
$23   (Shipping: $3.50)
*Does not include a component!
Mini kits are available in all the colorways shown above plus all brown as shown in the copper disk example in the gallery below.

Color :


Necklace idea

Bezel on Waltz Rope

This pendant looks great on my Skinny Waltz Rope necklace, and I can frequently be seen wearing them together.

Click here for free instructions.






I have three kit colorways for Skinny Waltz Rope necklaces: silver, black, and purple.  The silver includes sterling silver 15/0 seed beads, which accounts for the increased price.  Each kit includes enough beads for approximately 20″ of rope as well as a snap clasp, Fireline, and a needle.


Silver Waltz Rope Kit
$45   (Shipping: $3.50)


Purple or Black Waltz Rope Kit
$40   (Shipping: $3.50)

Color :


Other examples

I love this technique so much that I’ve bezelled a bunch of different sizes and shapes of cabs and other objects.  Whenever I finish one, I’ll add it here, so feel free to check back!  I’ll also be adding bezels made by others – if you’d like me to include your piece, send me a picture at with some basic information about your component.